Dear Michael,                                               

It was so good to see you again. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in inviting me to Longview.
Probably the best ten years of my coaching career were spent there. It really doesn't seem like thirty years have passed since you played for the Rams. As I wrote your parents, the bottom line in coaching is not the victories on the floor but comes in seeing young people mature and fill their roles in society.
You have done both of these in such a successful manner. Your family and entire community can take great pride
in your accomplishments.

Thanks for allowing me to share in that pride for a few moments last Monday.

Coach Ellis Knight  Longview Jr. High School
Michael Douglas first basketball coach 1974-76

Hello Mr. Douglas,


On Behalf of the Arthritis Foundation, Great West Region, Denver office, and the Denver Parent to Parent Group I would like to thank you for an awesome presentation on August 6, 2013. There are over 3000,000 children that have been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JA).  Not sure that you were aware that the children in attendance all live with Juvenile Arthritis. You made them forget about their disease and just be kids for the hour and thirty minutes that you captive their attention!   You have no idea the impact you had on them.  I watched in true appreciation as you interacted with them and made each of them feel individually special.  You have truly been blessed with a gift.  There are so many people that pour into the lives of our JA families and you have definitely been added to that list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of assistance when you are in the Denver area.  Again, thank you and travel safely on your return to Atlanta.

Pam Snow, MPH

Vice President, Consumer Health

Arthritis Foundation | Great West Region

2280 S. Albion Street, Denver, CO 80222

Dear Mr. Douglas,

I truly hope this note reaches you. My daughter, Hannah, recently attended a presentation you had at her school, Norris Elementary , in Thomson, GA.  She was very impressed with you and has talked about you non-stop since the presentation!  She is only 9 years old and to have such an impression on a child so young and regarding such a vital issue, is just phenomenal!  Thank you so much for your time in our coummunity and thank you so much for the lasting impression you made on our daughter.

God Bless
Troy and Dana Allen
Thomson, GA  

Dear Michael,
Thank you for participating in the American Cancer Society's Annual Making Strides Against Cancer. We appreciate you joining together with over 1000 individuals as we celebrate life and the fact that cancer can and will be beaten.

You were difinitely the main attraction at the event and everyone enjoyed being with you and watching you perform.The children loved having you on the Kids Walk and appreciated your attention and enthusiam.
With your help we raised over $72,000 which will allow us to fund many life saving educational programs for cancer detection and prevention, provide medication and transportation to cancer patients and most importantly, fund grants.

Thanks again. We are Making Strides, and are moving closer to the day when cancer will be cured for all people.

Linda Levy
Communication Coordinator
American Cancer Society

Dear Mr. Douglas

Thank you so much for your presentation during our African American History Month celebration. What an inspiration! Your positive attitude and love of children was refected in the outstanding quality of your presentation. Your enthusiasm, humor, and genuine concern for children was evident.

Not only did the students benefit from your message, but the teachers also enjoyed your presentation. I have received many positive comments from our teachers about your presentation. Several  of our teachers have taken parts of your message back to the classroom to reinforce the positive points you shared.

Michael, I highly recommend your presentation to any other school system looking for a dynamic speaker and positive role model. thank you for sharing your talents with us and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Dr. Juanasha Watkins
Guidance Counselor
Social Circle Middle School, GA

 The Harlem Legends came to New Albany, MS and brought with them thrills, laughter, and encouragement for all to enjoy. The team came out and met with the New Albany All-Stars and excited fans of all ages at the local Pizza Pit compliments of our very own Ira Williams. They were greeted by Marian, Cecily, April, Anthony, Kevin, Mike and countless others who were in attendance that worked very hard to make this a great success.

The team was shown that New Albany Pride by accommodations from the Hampton Inn, Daylight Donuts and Taylor’s Place. The basketball event was so full of joy and excitement. It was a fun filled family event that kids and adults will remember for a life time. Especially those that attended the VIP camp, hours before the game. The Harlem Legends were so personable with all the youth in attendance.

They took time to show them different basic basketball fundamentals that these young children will remember and try to mimic years to come. The highlight for each child was the twirling of the basketball on their finger, or the rolling of the ball off their bodies, along with countless tricks that sparkled in the eyes of adults and children alike.

I am so proud to have had the opportunity to be apart of such a positive and encouraging event. I am the branch Manager of Renasant Bank New Albany Coulter Drive, but getting to know these guys and play in a game with them will forever be priceless. The one important aspect I think everyone walked away with, is that “Dreams” really do come True, if you believe, set in your mind to achieve and don’t doubt yourself. All of these great athletes had one common dream and that was to one day be a Harlem Globe Trotter and they each succeeded. Not only did they succeed, but they are always willing to give back. It is that one act of kindness that makes a difference in the world today. When you are willing to share your talent that God has bestowed on the inside of you; and you are willing to give back to others, the blessing is always revolving. I believe in that golden rule, Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you and regardless of how you sow your seed, whether positive or negative, that is how you will reap. Well, look at the seeds of these guys, they have reaped in an awesome harvest that continues to grow and produce and because of that, I say,” thank you.” Thank you all for your selflessness and your desire to inspire and encourage.

The wonderful people here in New Albany hope this will not the be last time we see Mr. Michael Douglas, Tree Gordon, Tyrone “Hollywood,” or Shorty along with the countless others in attendance. We greatly appreciate your time and commitment you shared with all of us. We hope you guys also enjoyed that New Albany Pride while you were here and please, don’t be strangers. You are always welcome to come back at any time. Our town is your town and we greatly appreciate each and every one of you.

May God’s unprecedented favor flow freely over each of your lives! If you are able to touch the life of one person (adult or youth) then that my dear hearts is “PRICELESS!”


Lanita D Goolsby

Below is a list of schools, services and organizations that we teamed up with this year to present our activities. We give a BIG THANKS to all of them and invite you to team up with the Michael Douglas Youth Foundation and the Harlem Legends Basketball Entertainers for his upcoming year.  

Kipp Ways Academy Atlanta
Delco Primary School Pflugerville, TX
River Place Elem Austin, TX
Steiner Ranch Elem Austin, TX
Greater Atlanta Christian School  Norcross GA
Roberts Elem PTA Suwanee, GA
Carleton Middle School Warren MI
Carter Middle Warren MI
Flynn Middle Warren MI
Beer Middle Warren, MI
Grissom Middle Warren, MI
Bayvale Elem Augusta, GA
Terrance Manor Augusta , GA
Edmundson Elem Brentwood, TN
Sunset Elem Brentwood, TN
Nolenville Elem Nolenville,TN
Page Middle Franklin TN
Woodland Middle Brentwood TN 
Langford Middle Augusta, GA
Hyatt Park Elem Columbia, SC
M.E. Lee Scholarship Fund
Sweetwater Middle Lawrenceville, GA
Keel Elem Columbia, SC
Holmes middle School Flint MI
City of Duluth, GA Park & Rec.
Warrer Robins GA Air Force Base
First Baptist Church of Brandon FL
City of Millington, TN Park & Rec.
City of Memphis, TN Park Services
City if
Round Rock, TX Park & Rec.
North Habersham Middle School
Big Red Apple Festival Cornelia
Carmel Elem. School Cherokee, GA 
Liberty Elem. School Cherokee GA
Sugar Hill, GA Fall Festival
Chapman Foundation Greenville SC
Woodland Middle School
Buckhannon, WV Rotary Club

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